Tuesday, 16 February 2016

How to get Pagerank within a month?

Do you thing it is possible to get a good Pagerank within a month for a new website which only contain 5 articles. 

I request all the reader to give me more tips on How to increase my Pagerank in Goolge that to in month. What are the tricks to follow for a new blogger to get boost in traffic and that to having only 5 articles?

Forum to get answer for your question for free

If school student in India are searching for a Forum website where they can get answer from expert person for their question for free, then this sneha tips blog is the right pace to ask tending question related to school education seo tricks blogging tips and many more such ac Tatkal ticket, Irctc Addhar card.

so school students you can ask your question by posting query in comment section write at least more than 100 words. it will better you can post question with 200 words.

Our other forum member will respond to your question and give you proper answer

Saturday, 6 February 2016

What topic to select to write for new blogger?

If you are new blogger who wants to write article but confused on selection of topic to write. I suggest you to write on the topic in which you are expert as there will be no problem in phrasing the keywords for any

What are the Simplest Ways to Get Social Signals?

Social indicators can help you in getting massive response from the open public towards your online business. Google has almost 4-5 billion people each single day. So more your website gets loved by the Google the better position you would achieve in the search results.

How to backup android phone before resetting

In the event somehow your phone is behaving weird or struck by spyware and adware, viruses or facing software issues lately you may wish to reset it to the factory settings in order that it can be back in their original form. Factory Reset can be an operation present in android phones or some other Smartphone phones which deletes erases format all of the data and apps present as part of your phone and

Points to be considered before you start new blog

Start blogging it's actually very simple, but many students were confused by him.

1. Decide the goals
What's it for blogging is essential? When we don't have a target then it's without doubt our blog is going to be

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Pc Setting for Internet user by Sneha Kudari

Here are some important Pc setting to all internet user given by Sneha Kudari
Install Adblock Link for firefox 36. 
Install Adblock Link for Chrome

Distal clock with seconds     Free Desktop Clock = freeclock.exe

To control another Pc Online with Ammyy Software.

Agent Switcher for firefox to view all WebPages in mobile version to save internet data as webpage lads quickly.

Agent Switcher for Chrome


Friday, 29 January 2016

Add more author to get good rank for your new blog

Do not start blogging alone get in touch with new writer and make a group in blogging by adding author in blogger setting.It will take a year to get rank for your new blog as article you write are limited and the overall keyword density of main page is limited.

                      Your popular post will have less traffic and have higher bounce rate, so ask other blogger in your niche to write in your newly created blog by adding them as blog partner.

Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Easy methods to Do SEO for blogger Blogs

Two popular ways for blogging and one is blogger and other is wordpress. Blogger is designed for the newbie’s and wordpress is made for the advance publishers. Search Engine Optimization is must to rank your keywords and improve visitors for your blog.

How To Increase Blog Traffic

Every bloggers wants to become successful.For this we have to work hard.We need a lot of ideas to drive a blog.At the same time we need many readers for our blog.

Top 10 Indian Bloggers With Adsense Earning

Blogging is very professional career.There are many expert bloggers in India who makes thousand dollars monthly through blogging.They are working hard for success.By reading there blog people also get ideas of blogging,business and technology.

Monday, 25 January 2016

How to make aadhar card for children in Goa

Want Aadhar card for your child to submit to the school then it is very easy to enroll for this. In Goa it is comparably to submit school student adhaar.

To enroll for adhaar take a letter from school office with attached photo and all details including Name, Address, age etc.

The form for this are available in any Xerox center. Now Vasco people can get aadhar from the enrollment center near Kadamba Bus stand.

Paytm Offer Current by Sneha Nagraj Kudari

Recharge bonanza valid from 27th jan to 31 jan 2016

Term & Conditions:-

EOM16                      EOM30                  EOM65

Recharge:160, 250, 500

Date: 27 to 31 jan

Avarge commission =         10%

Term & Conditions:-

    Maximum cashback per user per number is Rs. 222.

Aadhaar card update in State of my city

In this article I will discuss information on how to update aadhaar card information. There are many situations in which you want make correction of your old aadhaar card.

For update of aadhaar card you have to give old adhaar Xerox copy to the enrollment agency, after verifying your original aadhaar card agency will update your old adhaar data.

How many times to enroll for New Aadhaar card?

Question from my visitor 
I have enroll for more than 3 times for new aadhaar card but do not get my aadhar number. Now I am in confusion and want to know can I make one more enrollment to get fast aadhar card number.


Saturday, 23 January 2016

Pc Setting for Internet user by Sneha Kudari

Here are some important Pc setting to all internet user given by Sneha Kudari
Install Adblock Link for firefox 36. 
Install Adblock Link for Chrome

Distal clock with seconds     Free Desktop Clock = freeclock.exe

To control another Pc Online with Ammyy Software.

Agent Switcher for firefox to view all WebPages in mobile version to save internet data as webpage lads quickly.

Agent Switcher for Chrome


Thursday, 21 January 2016

Login Id used for Itzcash railway booking at NGET

I am itzcash railway agent but I am facing login problem as i have so many Username.

1 first I used to login in itzcashworld with username itzdl361**
2 then I have itzcash easy username ITZIC437**
3 then i I have irctc user name WITZIIL030**

Now the problem is that under new NGET site  https://irctc.itzcashworld.com/NGET/  they are asking user name and password.Tell me which user name I have to put and which password to be used.
Note: for username ITZIC437** for this password normally changed every month).

The new login for railway booking for Itzcashworld is https://irctc.itzcashworld.com/NGET/
The website for ICW login itzcash easy is https://www.itzcash.com/Itzcasheasy/

Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Tatkal Ticket at station is waste of time during Season?

Due to availability of fast internet no one is going to Railway station to book Tatkal Ticket yes quota get over in less than 2 minutes. It is very difficult to get Tatkal Ticket during festival and summer season.The government has increase the period of advance booking of normal reservation but not given solution for common man to get easy Tatkal Ticket.
In cities like Mumbai the Tatkal Tickets are sold within less than 40 seconds and no one getting reservation ticket at counter fro tatkal quota.Here at Vasco da Gama the tatkal quota of Vasco howrah train 18048 get over in 2 minutes and and on Sunday and Tuesday it last for 60 to 120 seconds only.
Common people who want to travel for festival like marriage or who wants to visit his native place for summer vacation only get waiting tatkal at station counter.Hello readers give us some suggestion on How to get tatkal ticket at station counter during summer season.

Tips to Book Tatkal Ticket at Irctc on Internet?

You want to book tatkal ticket on irctc site then you have to follow some basic steps to get confirmed tatkal ticket. I am giving latest tips which will increase the chance of getting tatkal ticket within 1 minute.

First of all create at least 2 irctc Id, second one is necessary in case first on fails. You can use both ids in different internet browser like chrome and firefox.  This will help you in avoiding session time out.
Never visit passenger detail page until tatkal period starts, this will give you easy captcha letters.
Auto save all passenger details with help of new generation login software. To fill passenger details quickly.

Keep all your debit card details typed in file and just copy paste them quickly. Never copy paste the CVV or ATM pin; I suggest entering them manually to make fast payment process. Every one using Bank ATM card to book ticket fast online.
If passenger follow my tips then you can take tatkal ticket easily within 60 seconds.There are some expert you can book tatkal ticket even in 40 seconds in days like Saturday and Sunday.

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Prediction on Railway Reservation Ticket

Hello friend you are having problem in booking train ticket then, search out help from me as I will going to forecast chances in % for railway ticket in any Indian train.

So ask your question and get appropriate answer on RAC and Waitlisted ticket to know the changes of
getting it confirm at the time of chart preparation.

So friend joined this forum to ask and give question related to railway reservation prediction. So become member of India’s No student form to earn while you learn.

Now our reader can post their train related queries in the comment section to get proper solution to their RAC or waitlisted ticket. We have many loyal members who give 90% right prediction for any train in India.

So post your question, mention the date of journey with starting and ending station details and also the purpose of traveling.

I am running myrailtips.blogspot.com blog to help common man so have any article related to Indian Railway on RAC, Waiting ticket and tips and tricks to book reservation ticket then mail me.

If you have any suggestion for passenger to book train Indian ticket within week then post your comments and also ask question and give answer to help people in India.

Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Producing relevant content will finally get the traffic

When you search through Google about a given topic, you get a large number of search results. You get a lot of content options to choose from.

If you're developing content for your blog or website, you might wonder if it's actually possible to penetrate through the content noise online and get people to notice you.