Monday, 30 November 2015

Earn money fast with Group Blogging

How India students earn money by blogging

Tatkal Tips and Tricks for Vasco Da Gama

Any one know Tatkal Tricks to book Ticket for Vasco to Mughalsaria for Vasco Patna Express for month April 2016.

Students Earn online to Post article on Blogger Blog

Why to Sale Article to Top Ranked Website?

How to find fresh hidden blog article

How College student earn by writing article?

How to know Article is Fresh, Not Copied?

If you searching any specific topic in Google search engine you mostly type one or two keyword and the secondary word related to the main search words, if you want to check the quality of the website and authority of the site then simply check the age of the website.In many cases the article is re produced or copied from other website.If the content is fresh and not copied then the sentence of the article will appear on first page of Google search engine.

Sunday, 29 November 2015

Seo tips to get traffic and Google no 1 position

In this article you get information about how to get no 1 position in Google search for your keywords. There are many seo tricks available to get traffic within one week but in my opinion if you want to get traffic regularly then follow good seo techniques.

Good Seo tricks are about writing quality article and linking related post in your blog and making audience engaged in blog for more than 5 minutes. 
To get traffic and no 1 position in Google search I suggest get backlink from well developed website related to your niche. Write one article once in week about 300 words and also take help of your visitor to get comments related to article.       

Show Popular Post Widget to get Traffic to Blog

Redirect old Blog to new website without Changing posts url

Saturday, 28 November 2015

How to write unique article more than 500 words?

Today I will give you tips to write article of more than 500 words. Blogger before writing on any topic just search related information on the internet and write down the important points which are already published on less ranked website.

To write fresh article just take quality sentences from other website and rewrite in your own style of writing. Now you will see a great unique article of more than 500 words which will help you to get more traffic because of quality and the length of post.
By using this trick to you can write any number of unique articles which will make Google and other search engine to give good ranking in search engine and you will see people coming to your blog and making comments on the topic.

When you write article of more than 500 words your keywords will be high and of different phrases thus attract more and more readers coming from search engine when they type search query.

Now you will come to know that it is not difficult to write article of more than 500 words, I request you reader to give suggestion tips and tricks related to How to write unique article?

Friday, 27 November 2015

Write something interesting for the readers to make money

Effective bloggers invested considerable time, efforts and talents in site. Many bloggers believe that writing a blog need to be taken seriously. They're taking it seriously, because they want to provide quality content for his or her readers.

To put it differently, blogging is not only just about publishing something, it about writing one thing interesting for your readers. Bloggers need to anticipate what their readers need to read. They must realize how to hold the interest of the readers.

How to show Alexa rank of my website?

In this article I will tell you on how to show Alexa toolbar for any website which show Alexa ranking  for your website. Copy paste below code to html widget and just replace with the website or blog address of your domain

How to Index Article in Google Search

 For new blogger search engine takes over four hours to index article I mean index new published article. Currently blogger have chance to show any article inside one minute in Google search engine by using Google webmaster tools. To index new post in search engine follow these steps.

Search Google webmaster tools on web or open link and enter your email id to open web {site} then click on ad site.

How to search for Dofollow blogs in your niche?

If you already have a list of blogs related to your niche, you just have to find backlinks by visiting these blogs and check if the comments are Dofollow or not.
If you do not have a list you can make a search to find backlinks on Google like this.
  • Your keyword "Comment here" (For example: Blogger Tricks "comment here")
  • Your keyword "let your answer"
  • Your keyword "Add Comment"
  • Your keyword "Leave a comment»

Write article for Vasco Da Gama students to earn from article

In this article I will provide information to Vasco Da Gama college students to write quality article on not written topic on internet yet related to Goa and other local issues and earn money for writing the same. You can provide useful information on current issues and solve government related problems or start small forum of questions and answer.

Redirect blogger 404 error homepage OR any other page

Sorry, the page you're looking for in this blog does not exist.
You will be redirected to homepage shortly.
<script type = "text/javascript">
BSPNF_redirect = setTimeout(function() {
location.href= ""

Thursday, 26 November 2015

Alexa rank for my blog

 Alexa rank for my blog

I stated my new blog in the month of Nov 2015

My first Alexa Nov 2015         = 59,10,143
Alexa rank Nov 28 2015    = 59,04,397  improvement of     5,700  ranking 

Visit Various Section of My Blog

Submit Article or Write for Us

Hello friends this website is like forum for all Indian students who want to earn money by writing article. Write now we are accepting submitted article which have at least 200 words.

In this blog of mine I am publishing only article related to Seo Tricks, Blogging tips, Seo  Tips, Blogging Tricks, Google Search, Search engine, Increase Traffic

What is internal link building?

Internal linking is the means of Search Engine Optimizationto link one article to some other in this manner that raise website's value to the visitors and provide them more relevant content to read.
In simple phrases,

Internal link building or internal linking is the procedure of linking one article of an internet site to some other content post with relevant data in the form of a hyperlink. Here both the source domain and the target domain are the same.

Important Pages of Sneha Blogging Tips

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Make Money for having Search Engine Traffic

New Blogger Make Small Article to get Traffic Fast

If are new blogger, want to get page views quickly then my suggestion to write more than 50 small article related to your niche and make sure that it should be free from copy content.I mean first paragraph or first 50 words should contain quality and unique primary and secondary Keywords.When you get page.ank this will happen in one week time I mean your blog post will be automatically indexed by Google search engine then write big article and you will see more traffic coming with small article also.There for a new blogger I recommend to publish small quality article only for the first week and update those article once they get page views. You will get post indexed fast only if popular article has some special secondary word to primary keywords.

Thursday, 12 November 2015

How to Find Quality Article on any website?

In this article I provide information for how to find quality article of any website in a minute. To check you go for labels or tags to see best article, but I suggest blogger to to make unique labels like A1, A2, B1, B2 for your top quality article.

In my blog I  have created such type of Labels to find quality article and also put them under sitemap.

How to make google bots crawl blog every 1 hour

In this post I will be discussing on the topic how to crawl each and every page of new blog that you have created. Since regular crawling by Google bots increases search engine ranking for that website.Google only show relevant information hide duplicate content, there fore it is very necessary to crawl pages faster to have fast traffic to blogs.
To have regular crawling you have to follow some seo tips.
  1. Leave comment past week article in any high rank blog of your niche.
  2. Try to write at least one post in a day and interlink old posts.

College students use blogger instead of facebook

Earn to solve problems of rich country in India

Get fast traffic by index article at webmaster fetch

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

How to Put Post Title First Before Blog Title

How to Get Sponsors on Your Blog

In thi article you will get information on how to make  money for sponsoring article from your blog.
If you're a new blogger, people will still pay a small fee to get noticed because a lot of times people think that small numbers mean nothing when they actually mean a lot.

Brands will give you merchandise in exchange for a sponsored post.  Sponsors come in all different sizes, shapes and forms. Typically, have a variety of options that suit your blog needs.

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

How to leave links on other blogs after commenting

Redirect Traffic from old Blog to new Blog

How to increase sales with seo techniques

In this I provide information on How to increase sales with good seo techniques. so read full article to understand on page seo. When internet user types product related keyword in order to get best website to show up on first page or higher. Most of the people prefer Google, that's where most of the traffic come so SEO is largely focused on Google search ranking.

Page title to boost sales :
This is one of the most important factor for on page seo and with main keywords your each page, post must have it.

Thursday, 5 November 2015

Tips To Increase Blog Pageviews

Blogging is not only the game of receiving traffic. We have to target each and every visitor to convert them into readers. Blog page views are also as important as traffic. We have to focus on the strategies that work on increase blog page views