Thursday, 26 November 2015

Submit Article or Write for Us

Hello friends this website is like forum for all Indian students who want to earn money by writing article. Write now we are accepting submitted article which have at least 200 words.

In this blog of mine I am publishing only article related to Seo Tricks, Blogging tips, Seo  Tips, Blogging Tricks, Google Search, Search engine, Increase Traffic

All articles submitted from the general public will published on related website for example you send article related to mobile phone then it will be published in my website
If you submit article on school then it will be published in the website called
To send article to us you can copy paste your article under Comment form or email at

You will be mentioning your name on top of article on the website. Once our website grows and make some money then we will share some % with all our writers.

Student of India can submit article on any topic which contain fresh and quality information. We accept short article also so write on our blog to get some profit in near future for wring article.


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Nagraj Kudari zguruturbo said...

Indian students start commenting on my all topic to show your talent