Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Producing relevant content will finally get the traffic

When you search through Google about a given topic, you get a large number of search results. You get a lot of content options to choose from.

If you're developing content for your blog or website, you might wonder if it's actually possible to penetrate through the content noise online and get people to notice you.

For this reason, you can easily get tempted to focus much on building content for search engines rather than your audience. It's always a mistake for content developers to target mainly the search engine algorithms and forget to impress their readers.

One thing I know is that if you produce relevant content that helps your audience to solve problems, you build a community of interested readers who will follow your site on a regular basis. The traffic you'll get will not be mainly from the search engine, but from those people who liked your website and bookmarked it.

People cling to things they like.

Now, when your website audience knows that you care about solving their problems, you stand a high chance of getting conversions because the visitors know that you'll always recommend the best products for them on your site. When you build such a community you'll get the quality traffic you've always wanted.


Producing content while targeting search engines is not a bad thing; but every content builder should know that the audience should come first. In fact, the traffic from your loyal audience is the one that's likely to produce the results you want. If you observe your site's Analytics very well you might find out that traffic from search engine results always bounces off high compared to the traffic you get as a result of recommendation from your satisfied readers.

When you have a community of blog readers that follows you and like your content, they will surely recommend your site to others. Therefore, don't rely too much on search engines for quality traffic. Instead, invest your energy in producing meaningful content that people will be glad to share and link to. Then, the search engines will sort themselves out accordingly.

You will notice that you actually need a lot of learning in order to know how best you can produce content that's targeted for both people and search algorithms.It's not easy because in many cases, content developers tend to focus much on keyword stuffing and forget to structure the information in a useful way.

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Hello Sneha Ji

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