Thursday, 31 December 2015

How to write article to increase loading speed of a website

When I do this in MS Word and then submit directly in the form of copy-paste from there, I also did not understand how much unnecessary codes will soon be unseeingly choosing the post. That had actually decreased loading speed of my website – based on web design specialist.

If you do not trust in me, decide to try that after in your website. Certainly you will end up amazed. And I guess you'll fully hate it.

But there isn't to be worried about it. I've understand that error extended before. I'll manual you in writing a website article in this way that the cash you've to pay for your internet will soon be decreased around loading speed of one's website will soon be better.

When you can write article very faster, you might directly create in your website and then publish them. There's no point in setting post draft just to save lots of your internet expenses. But it's quite definitely unlikely that any website would get it done – even one who are able to write article very quick. Sometime will undoubtedly be required to complete proof-reading.

Open MS copy-paste 
    Write website post
    copy (Ctrl+C)
    Open MS copy-paste pad
    paste (Ctrl+V)
    Select All (Ctrl+A)
    copy (Ctrl+C)
    Login to blogger
    Select your website
    Click on Create New Post
    paste (Ctrl+V)
    Click on Publish

But before hitting publish button, you could have to complete text realignments, change font colors, font styles or add images/thumbnails based on your preferences.

You'll want noticed. We're actually doing copy-paste thing twice in above; 1) from MS copy-paste to MS copy-paste Pad and 2) from MS copy-paste Pad to blogger.

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