Thursday, 31 December 2015

Earn cash online with Blogger Blog

Blogging is the best solution to earn online. With you litter contribution you are able to earn a lot. Select your stage for article writing and keep posting. There are lots of blogging programs are available online, like Blogger, Wordpress, Tumbler etc. All of these are free blogging program. Where you could start your free website and start posting.

How to write article to increase loading speed of a website

When I do this in MS Word and then submit directly in the form of copy-paste from there, I also did not understand how much unnecessary codes will soon be unseeingly choosing the post. That had actually decreased loading speed of my website – based on web design specialist.

Sunday, 27 December 2015

Why to respond quickly to Blog comments?

In this article I want to provide information about topic how important responding to blog comments of audience. I say that responding to visitor comment will help your article perform well in search engine ranking.
By responding back to comments you will more visitor to check back the article for any new comments are posted. If you have any suggestion why to respond quickly say in comment form.

Is it better to submit new blog article manually or not?

I have confusion on the topic whether it is better to submit my new blog article manually by using fetch as Google or let Google bot to crawl my blog post.

I want expert blogger suggestion on this matter relating to submit blog article.

Make a forum post to drive traffic to Old Article

In this post I will explain about the topic how to drive traffic to your top old articles which have less traffic from search engine. To get traffic you have to post new idea just like forum post small but quality information  and just link to your old popular article like just I have linked article on how to get traffic fast from Google search.

Just post article with good catchy title and write quality information, wherever possible link to your old post and you will be getting traffic to older article thus also increases the search ranking as it passes the  link juice and also you may get some facebook shares.
By posting forum post or small post you will not get huge traffic but you certainly get a unique visitor who in turn may go through all other post and may share them in social media and there are good chances that his friends also visit your blog.

As you post most often your main page will be indexed faster and your main title of the blog will influence most of the search results and also help in crawling of all the pages

Friday, 25 December 2015

How to Use Google search engine to make money

Google search engine makes available an excellent support for school students and on the web sellers to obtain touching their customer. Google provide opportunity to all authors to publish your answer and discuss issues and solution on quite a lot of subject it's absolutely free just has Gmail account.

Wednesday, 23 December 2015

How to increase link juice of new blog

In this article I will provide information on how to increase link juice of new blog. Read full article on to understand the term link juice.

Link juice is normally seen as the amount of external and internal links pointing back to your inner pages. In this article, I'll talk about how we can increase link juice of our blog to boost search engine visibility.

How Google rank a new website or blogs?

Star with low competition keyword for regular traffic

If you are new blogger it is not easy to rank for high competition keyword, it is better to new blogger start writing article using secondary keyword by using local key phrases.
 For example you want to write article on “how to get traffic within a week in Google search” then better to write article on “Get traffic within a week for School students in Vasco”
By this anyone who search with two different keyword like “how to earn money” for “student in Vasco” your second article will get more impression.
Now you can put your main article at the end of this post. The visitor from city Vasco will also click on your main article “how to get traffic within a week in Google search”

Sunday, 20 December 2015

Work of Forms Filling in Adhaar Agency

Vasco Students in Goa search mainly typing work there tell me is there any job for typing related work in Adhaar card enrolment agency.

School students searching part time internet related job such like typing data for aadhar enrollment. Data entry job in aadhar agency is an expert work and high school student can also do such job of filling forms online.


So tell me is there anyone giving jobs related to typing and online application in Vasco Da Gama

Tuesday, 15 December 2015

How to save internet data when using Gmail?

If you are using gmail that run in Firefox or Chrome then you is losing lots of internet data as gmail consume huge mb of data when I open it using the above mentioned browser.

3g internet pack for 12 months for Rs 500/- at speed of 1mb

I want to know about 3g internet pack as my friend saying that we can recharge 12 months 3g internet pack for any sim and company offering for less than Rs 500/- at a speed of 1mb.


 Backup your data before resetting the device
 Power the device off, then press and hold the Home key and press and release the Power key (while still holding the Home key). From the Android Recovery screen, press the Search key. Tap to select wipe data/factory reset then select Ok (located in the lower left of the screen).

Thursday, 10 December 2015

How to create good Blog content for visitor

Quality content plays an extremely vital role in enhancing the value of a website. Google has always emphasized the importance of good topic, simple navigation and good user experience to accomplish higher page ranking.

Actually, fresh and original article not merely assist a web site achieve better page indexing but additionally helps in retaining Google page rank.

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Download UC Browser Mini, Download UC Browser Free, Download UC Browser for Android

"Download UC Browser Mini for Android for Free Phones" With people or surf the web, download music, download games on mobile phones, it sure is no stranger to the browser has become very familiar, popular and famous that UC Browser Mini browser. With its great features, products from manufacturers UCWeb Inc really bring satisfaction to the user. Compact storage, fast web browsing with astonishing speed based on data saving mechanisms, smart download process makes the user comfortable Android on smartphones feel like you're browsing with Firefox, Chrome or Coc Coc on a desktop PC configuration so terrible. It was really great.

dowload uc browser mini apk

Vietnamese UC Browser download, Download UC Browser on the phone

UC Mini really fit you only own the phones on average. If you're feeling irritated and annoyed when the phone has low profile, wifi or 3G network jitter makes browsing tough also read newspapers, then please download UC Browser Mini for Android to feel the speed and comfortable.

+ Special mini UC APK ad blocking mechanism, allowing you to not be bothered by insignificant things.

+ Upload and download images from the machine to Facebook or upload photos from Facebook to your computer using intelligent download mechanism, extremely quickly.

+ Feature save favorite web address, allowing you quick access at a later time.

+ Night mode and background throughout the pleasant surprise that you let yourself explore offline.

+ Support multiple languages: English, French, and especially Vietnamese support offline.

dowload uc browser mini for android

Download mini UC, UC APK Download free for Android, download mini UC Vietnamese

The latest version of UC Browser for Android browser is really worth it for the love of users for this product. In this hot summer, though wi-fi to your wave is only 1 bar, your phone even if only in the form of lean, the UC also runs fine web mini, compact should not take up more RAM, not cause hot machine. Mechanism download and store files smart help you master your actions on the net. One thing I would like to re-emphasize to you that: to download and install uc browser mini on CH Play is completely free and does not have offline messaging enabled.

→ Click dowload uc browser mini