Sunday, 27 December 2015

Make a forum post to drive traffic to Old Article

In this post I will explain about the topic how to drive traffic to your top old articles which have less traffic from search engine. To get traffic you have to post new idea just like forum post small but quality information  and just link to your old popular article like just I have linked article on how to get traffic fast from Google search.

Just post article with good catchy title and write quality information, wherever possible link to your old post and you will be getting traffic to older article thus also increases the search ranking as it passes the  link juice and also you may get some facebook shares.
By posting forum post or small post you will not get huge traffic but you certainly get a unique visitor who in turn may go through all other post and may share them in social media and there are good chances that his friends also visit your blog.

As you post most often your main page will be indexed faster and your main title of the blog will influence most of the search results and also help in crawling of all the pages


Anonymous said...

Nice information on forum post. I suggest you to ask for other blogger and friend to post small content related to to your niche content or ask them to update old article.

Anonymous said...

Invite School Student to write small content in your Forum post and give them prize for contribution for sharing article on your blog.

Anonymous said...

You can increase blog traffic by capitalizing the most well written forum to main article and republish the same in near future.