Thursday, 10 December 2015

How to create good Blog content for visitor

Quality content plays an extremely vital role in enhancing the value of a website. Google has always emphasized the importance of good topic, simple navigation and good user experience to accomplish higher page ranking.

Actually, fresh and original article not merely assist a web site achieve better page indexing but additionally helps in retaining Google page rank.

If you should be a blogger, I am certain that you well understand the significance of good content. And, how it may help out you achieve better page rank and more traffic.

What makes your article original?

The most key question is how bloggers can make their content fresh. To make article unique, it is essential that you need to research the subject properly and form a personal opinion about the topic.

Rewriting content from others website that can pass copy scape is neither unique nor original. Your personal experience and acquired knowledge make your post fresh.

It is essential to note that writing original and distinctive subject is not a rocket science. Anyone can write distinctive and original content provided that he or she has researched the issue thoroughly and has some authority over the subject.

Simple Steps to create fresh and useful content

1.      Create a title that is unique and simple to remember an attractive and simple to remember title help in two ways. First, the unique ness of the title helps in gaining a higher position in Google indexing.

Use simple words and phrases that people normally use to search information over the internet. When you yourself have in-depth knowledge of a subject, your mind will be filled with new ideas and good titles for your next post.

2.      Update your content on a regular basis updating content on a regular basis helps in two ways. First, it helps you gain a higher position in Google indexing. Second, it keeps your content up-to-date. If your content is informative and interesting your targeted visitor would not mind reading it time and again.

3.      Research the issue thoroughly it is imperative on the main blogger to research the subject using online in addition to offline resources. An in-depth knowledge of the subject can help you to form an opinion about the niche topic.

4.      Ensure that your content satisfies the need of your visitor it is obvious that people read an article to acquire a satisfactory answer of the questions they've about the subject.

If your content fails to answer the queries of the readers, it cannot be considered as useful. Your content must manage to make your visitor feel satisfied. They should feel they have learned something new after reading your article.


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