Thursday, 21 June 2018

10 Blogging Tips For Beginners

Are you thinking of becoming a good blogger?It takes a lot of hard works and time to be a successful blogger. So you should have the aim to the success. It’s true that a good blogger can make his living by blogging. But for this you should have to work hard.

In this post I am going to share some tips for beginner who going to choose blogging as a career.

1 (Blog about your favorite topic)
Blog about the topic that you like.All blogger blogs about there favorite topic.Like some blogs about technology,food, and education etc.So at first you should choose the topic you know best. 

2 (Writing skills)
Blogging is all about writing.As a good blogger he/she should have skills at writing.Blogging as a career, is all about writing.So you must have good skills at writing.Write in simple way.By writing simple way will make your visitors to feel comfortable to understand your blog.

3 (Be creative and write your own)

Writing blog is really difficult for beginners.Think about the subject that you want to write.If you feel hard to write blog then you must practice writing your own.By reading many blogs will help you to improve thinking and writing skills.Write from your own to be creative and active blogger.


4 ( Use attractive theme for your blog)
Your blog template is very important for your SEO.As a good blogger you should set a nice theme for your blog.By using an attractive theme will attract your visitors.You should set an professional theme for your blog for more visitors.

5 (Always reply to your visitors comment)
You must always try to reply to your visitors comment.By replying to their comments will make them attract to your blog and they will may visit again and again.

6 (Upload interesting content)
Now a days people loves good  content that makes them entertain.Such as photos and videos.Entertaining is great source of getting visitors stay updated with your blog.So for more impressions you should upload good content behind valuable writing.

7 (Make your blog connected with social media)
We all know that most of the internet users has accounts on social media.Such as on Facebook,Twitter and Google Plus and twitter.People mostly use Facebook and Twitter.So I would like to say, marketing your blog on social media is a perfect way to increase traffic of your blog.

8 (Use effective title for you blog posts)
Title of the posts should be SEO friendly.Important keywords should be used in the titile.So that visitors can easily enter in your blog from search engines.

9 (Write about yourself)
Add an about me page or a gadget to your blog.By writing about yourself will make them friendly to your blog.There you may write about your experience.

10 (Make a good relation with other blogger)
If you make good relation with other well experienced blogger you can get help from them.A well experienced blogger can help you in many ways.So it is better to get connected with a well experienced blogger.

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