Thursday, 5 November 2015

Tips To Increase Blog Pageviews

Blogging is not only the game of receiving traffic. We have to target each and every visitor to convert them into readers. Blog page views are also as important as traffic. We have to focus on the strategies that work on increase blog page views

Today I come with 5 best tips that really perform well in the case of increase in blog page views.


 Show Related Posts

Whenever you write new post for your blog, always remember to tag it with a keyword rich label before publishing it. Then use related posts widget to show similar posts under that label below every post. It will not only increase your blog page views but also reduce your blog bounce rate.


Highlight Popular Posts

Put popular posts widget into blog sidebar to show most trendy posts of your blog. By doing so, you provide one more option to the visitors to click the link. Once they attract towards the popular posts they will surely keen to read them. Hence more blog page views that automatically increase your blog traffic.

Deep Linking

You may already know the benefits of internal linking and deep linking is same as internal linking but it has some more benefits then it. Suppose you have two posts in your blog Post A and Post B then you can interlink Post A with Post B. But in case of deep linking you need to link Post A with that post which is same with that topic means which covers topic of Post A in depth.


Split Lengthy Posts

Generating quality content for blog is must for success. You should make a plan to publish at least a post with details and well explanation in a week.

Always publish lengthy content into pieces and link them to each other. By doing so, you will get below benefits:
1.    Increase number of published posts in your blog.
2.    Increase blog page views.
3.    Increase traffic to your blog with the help of each part.
5.    Chances to get all parts rank with targeted keyword. Hence you achieve search engine domination that increases your blog CTR.
6.    Don't promote your articles in Facebook, twitter etc. The post must obtain the visitors from search engines like Google, Yahoo.

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