Saturday, 31 October 2015

Goa is very famous for beaches and parties

Goa is very famous for beaches , parties and their night life. So this time we decided to go for Goa . Goa tourist pick point starts from November to April. So we planned our trip on 25 November 2015. We booked our train tickets in advance before 2 months. So we got confirm tickets.

By train you can have very comfortable journey with affordable price. But if you are planning with family you must book 2AC or 3Ac as, general Bogy are crowded and not much comfortable.

On 25th November we started our journey by train from pune station. We had Goa express however it was late on that day. We reached at 5:30 in morning at Madgoan station. We expected to catch a passenger to reach at thivim. However train was late and we got late at 8:30. After reaching to thivim we took bus to reach at Mapsa. Again from Mapsa to got bus up to Calangut beach. On Calangut we searched for room to stay. After lots of search of about 1 hour we finally got a good AC room with reasonable price. Finally we went on room and took some rest and decided to visit beach.

Beach was very crowded. There were lots of Indian as well as many foreigners. We had walked on beach about 2 hour.

First time I was on beach at night. It was very nice experience to see sea at night to hear tides and to enjoy cool and fresh air. The Shaks were nicely decorated with lights and seen was so awesome like this.

After we kept walking from Calangut to Baga Beach. Baga beach was same as Calangut after we decided to have dinner so we moved on from baga beach to see a hotel. Suddenly we came across the Baga Palm Casiono and decided to go there. This casino offers a buffet dinner with lots of gambling games. We decided that we will not do gambling. We only enjoyed the buffet dinner. The buffet was awesome specially start fish and halva in desert was great in test.

We had a heavy dinner and moved towards room at 12am. On next day morning again we went on Calangut Beach for morning walk. There were many boys on beach for making tattoos. So we decided to make a tattoo on arm like this.

After that we took rest on beach beads. The environment was so bright and pleasant.

After that we decided to see North goa on bike. So we took bike from room owner. As we had google map we didn’t get any trouble for finding roads. So we first visited to Anjuna beach. It was less crowded. However you can not swim here. There were only few of red color stones.

After some photo clicks on Ajnjuna beach we moved to Vagator beach. There are two vagator beaches. The beach seen was very awesome like this.

It was less crowded beach and only foreigner tourist were on beach.

After Vagator beach we moved towards Chapora fort. It is so nice fort . You can see full view of Vagator beach and view of North Goa too.
The wall around the fort is in good condition you can travel on this wall and see beach seen from there.

After that we had a lunch in a hotel. It was nice Goan food . Paplate and Prawn, it was such tasty food.

After a tasty lunch we moved towards room and again went on beach for enjoying beach swimming. However police cops were instructing to people to come out as there was some incident. So we enjoyed on beach shaks beds. We saw lots of people drinking bear on beach as its common seen all over Goa. As we don’t have habit to see we felt strange by this.

After that we came to room and went to see candilom beach where we had dinner on beach. It was great experience of dinner on beach however food quality and quantity was not good. After dinner we wanted to go to see Titos club. However it was Friday night and it was crowded so we canceled it and moved towards room.

On third day morning we decided to see south goa by bike. We wanted to book a traveler however our room owner said to bike will be better. So we went for to see south Goa.

First we went to panaji on Miramar beach to see Dolphins.

It was nice trip on beat to see dolphins and other points like Augonda beach , and many places where film shooting were taken.

After boating we went to see Shanta Durga tempal near Vasco the Gama . After temple we moved towards Old Goa for Sant Fransisco church. These churches are crowded and had nice architectural buildings.

After that we had lunch in hotel . The food was nice and with average price. As in South Goa you can find good hotels with affordable price however in North goa its very costly.

After lunch we moved to see Mangesh Temple. When we reached there we saw a Bhau Kadam was there with family. So we decided to meet him and taken photo with him.

Then we moved towards Panaji. There was nice attraction of river cruse. On Cruse there was traditional Goan dance . And also dance by all cruse people.

Nice Goa Folk dance on Cruse.

After that we moved towards our room. In between we had dinner in one Kolhapuri restaurant. We had late .Sunday was our last day. So in morning we went on beach for enjoyment it was our trips last visit to Calangut beach.

So in morning after bath be we moved to Mapsa. We had bus in evening so we traveled Mapsa and Mapsa market. In evening we got bus to Swarget We reached to home in Monday morning. It was nice trip and we enjoyed a lot.

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