Saturday, 31 October 2015

Get first page in google search results

Now here let us talk about that how can get your article in first page of Google search results. This trick will definitely help you get 1st place of your blog in Google search results. Well, I'm going to show this trick with you which I have also tried.

If you want to correct exact result then delete your internet browser history from the start time, clear cookies then logged out your Google account and then search again on same browser.

Check out my suggestions to get your blog in first page on google search results. Just follow my tips and get higher page rank and place of your website on google search results.

1. Write Fresh and Original Written content
In the whole blogging world, content pays are matter very much. This is extremely important to put fresh images which help you to make appearance on your blog audience. The fresh information always found in google search results that can help in gaining superior rank on search results.

You can constantly write the long content for your blog I mean you can write full contest of more than 500 words or above then definitely it will be ranked higher in google search results google see only unique content with long tail keywords . Don't forget that what your customers like. Ask your visitors and give them of as per their choices. These help to gain more audience to your blog.

2. Build the Backlinks
Here you need to build and double your backlinks and submit to other famous web sites for your article which you want to be shown in top of any search results. I can suggest for you that you can do the comments on CommentLuv enabled blog and pages. But before comments, ensure that website on which you are leaving comments is having the better pagerank. I will suggest go for guest posting on popular blogs and site and remember to show your blog URL on guest article.
3. Make your blog SEO Friendly
Before compose a post ensure that your blog is totally SEO optimized because in the ranking it is very essential for your blog SEO are 2 types the first is on-page SEO and the 2nd is off-page SEO these are vital in blogging job . You can select most famous keywords for your blog post's title, and then create your blogger template SEO optimized.

Make your article 300 words or above then using the simple language to write a blog post. I mean write topic like easy to read and simple to understand. One more thing when you can write a blog post then remember to put Meta Description on your blog post since it will boost your place in google search results.

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