Friday, 27 November 2015

How to Index Article in Google Search

 For new blogger search engine takes over four hours to index article I mean index new published article. Currently blogger have chance to show any article inside one minute in Google search engine by using Google webmaster tools. To index new post in search engine follow these steps.

Search Google webmaster tools on web or open link and enter your email id to open web {site} then click on ad site.

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Other procedure to Index Article in Google search during a minute.
Enter web site url.
Visit option crawl.
Below crawl go setting go to fetch choice.
Enter url of published page stating from year/month/post title.
For example your web site name is and article is blogging tips, then universal resource locator can show as
Only paste url when .com/ like 2014/07/blogging-tips.html.
Now check your article or search engine as realize article in Google search engine. For new writer there are several tricks, therefore comment below to recommend fresh Google tips.
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