Sunday, 29 November 2015

Seo tips to get traffic and Google no 1 position

In this article you get information about how to get no 1 position in Google search for your keywords. There are many seo tricks available to get traffic within one week but in my opinion if you want to get traffic regularly then follow good seo techniques.

Good Seo tricks are about writing quality article and linking related post in your blog and making audience engaged in blog for more than 5 minutes. 
To get traffic and no 1 position in Google search I suggest get backlink from well developed website related to your niche. Write one article once in week about 300 words and also take help of your visitor to get comments related to article.       

New blogger it will be difficult to get no 1 position within one month for your keywords. Try to submit your old article to search engine once in 15 days to get rank for that article.  
So there are no seo tricks available for new blogger only they have to write fresh and quality article. By doing so they can get backlink and fast indexing from Google search traffic.                
To get no 1 position you have to decrease your bounce rate, for that you have to write related article and interlink them so visitor will go through at least 5 article once they visit your blog. This give signals to Google search to show results on first page.

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