Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Tips to Book Tatkal Ticket at Irctc on Internet?

You want to book tatkal ticket on irctc site then you have to follow some basic steps to get confirmed tatkal ticket. I am giving latest tips which will increase the chance of getting tatkal ticket within 1 minute.

First of all create at least 2 irctc Id, second one is necessary in case first on fails. You can use both ids in different internet browser like chrome and firefox.  This will help you in avoiding session time out.
Never visit passenger detail page until tatkal period starts, this will give you easy captcha letters.
Auto save all passenger details with help of new generation login software. To fill passenger details quickly.

Keep all your debit card details typed in file and just copy paste them quickly. Never copy paste the CVV or ATM pin; I suggest entering them manually to make fast payment process. Every one using Bank ATM card to book ticket fast online.
If passenger follow my tips then you can take tatkal ticket easily within 60 seconds.There are some expert you can book tatkal ticket even in 40 seconds in days like Saturday and Sunday.