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How to backup android phone before resetting

In the event somehow your phone is behaving weird or struck by spyware and adware, viruses or facing software issues lately you may wish to reset it to the factory settings in order that it can be back in their original form. Factory Reset can be an operation present in android phones or some other Smartphone phones which deletes erases format all of the data and apps present as part of your phone and
restores the operating system and phone settings on the factory installed settings. This is a risky operation and when you show a little carelessness and still have not backed up your data then you can be loosing all your stored files in addition to phonebook contacts. So here I will tell you on how to backup your data after which it perform a factory reset on your android phone without losing any of your data.

Guide How to Factory Reset Android Phone with out Losing Data

Here is a complete guide to consider backup of your data & contacts prior to performing a factory data reset on your android phone and also how to handle it before factory reset.

Backing up Contacts Phonebook

Contacts or primarily phone numbers is the most important data for anyone. If you accidentally lost your contacts then it may need too much effort and time for it to prepare the complete set of numbers on your phonebook. Therefore the first and foremost activity before performing factory reset is to take complete backup of your contacts on your phone book. You can make this happen by mainly three types of methods which can be being mentioned below.

Backup to SIM – For those who have got very less phone numbers as part of your phonebook contacts i. e. 50 – 100 then you can export the contacts to the SIM card. If the contact list is greater in number then you cannot use this option to be a SIM card has limited & really less storage capacity, and if the contacts are greater in number as opposed to SIM capacity then they'll not be transferred or stored around the SIM card. So this method is just useful for a phonebook with fewer contacts.

Backup to SD Card – Here is the most preferred easy and safe method to backup your contacts. Just check out your phonebook and then Export all of the contacts to the SD card. Then you can remove the SD card and put it again in your phone after factory reset after which it Import all the contacts to phonebook. This will restore your contacts because they were before in your phonebook.

Backup to Internal Storage – Some phones don't come with the provision of SD card slot. So however you can Export the contacts on the internal storage by giving it the specified name. After this a vCard (. vcf) file will generated around the internal memory of your phone. Here connect your phone on the Pc as mass storage device by the micro-USB cable and then copy that file for your Pc. After Factory reset, again copy that file from a Pc to the internal storage of your phone and then by using import option as part of your phone book, import and restore your contacts.

Backup using PC Suite – Almost every phone comes with PC suite software and sync the data to your current Pc and vice versa. Here it is possible to Sync your phone book contacts while using the mobile suite software to your current Pc and after performing factory reset it is possible to connect your phone to the your Pc after which it hit the phonebook sync option to sync the contacts in your Pc on the contacts in your phone. Well it is a little bit old fashioned and time consuming method and you no longer need it if you have no problem in using the above past two methods.

Backing Apps Data

You possibly can backup your Apps data by simply syncing it with Google, Facebook or Email if your App provides the option to backup the data.

Backing up Data & Files

To backup your files, documents, music, videos you can either move them to your SD card or it is possible to copy them to your Pc with a USB cable, and after performing factory reset it is possible to copy all your files on the phone again at their particular locations. You can also copy the whole phone drive as it is to your Pc if you are not sure which files to backup so you do not know their locations at first.

Perform a Factory Reset

After stopping up the whole data of your android it is possible to perform a successful factory reset after which it import and copy your data on the phone again.


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