Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Easy methods to Do SEO for blogger Blogs

Two popular ways for blogging and one is blogger and other is wordpress. Blogger is designed for the newbie’s and wordpress is made for the advance publishers. Search Engine Optimization is must to rank your keywords and improve visitors for your blog.

What SEO do is to rank your keywords on Google and it does work when somebody searches with the keyword. Google SEO algorithm follows about 60-70 percent for On Page SEO which means on site SEO.

Optimize post title in blogger:
It will be best if it only displays the page title and it is possible. To do that, you need to go to Template and then edit HTML.

Adding Site description:
Your site description is must for best SEO. You can setup your blog Meta description by going settings after which click “search preferences”. Under “meta Tag” you can find description that is by default disabled. Click on “edit” then select “yes”. Then type the preferred Meta description such as your keyword. Completed

It’s crucial to create a sitemap for your website. Sitemap helps Google bot to crawl isolated WebPages from a site. It’s very helpful and need to have for each website.

Go to setting other preference 2nd last box put your generated sitemap

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