Tuesday, 20 October 2015

How to to care for damaged hair with hair packs

 Because of so many factors for young girl hair may get damaged . Due to the fact of poor treatment hair can get broken . By the use of hair items having hard chemicals can create troubles . In this circumstance you have to think about going natural . By using natural and home made technique you can refresh your hair , but consider you must be patient to get the full result .

How to make hair pack for broken hair
Mash the avocado well in a bowl . You can use mixer if you wish . For one avocado put two tsp . olive oil . Mix well . If you don't like olive oil , yes you can put your favorite oil .

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How to apply hair pack for affected hair
Young girl comb hair well and do partition in the middle . After that apply the pack all over the hair and make an effort to roll around on the back . Put a hair cap and allow 25-30 minutes to stay .

Then clean hair with normal water and rinse out the pack well . The first day application can show you the improvement in your hair . But do it two times monthly . If you can do hot oil treatment on alternate with this can help your hair recover fast .

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Young girl if the hair is too much damaged then add on 1 egg also to it . If you wish to prevent the sticky nature of the pack then add 2-3 drops of lemon juice . And consider to stay away from all other chemical products to get the final result .

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