Tuesday, 20 October 2015

How to change FAT32 to NTFS without Formatting

You have a flash drive or often an external hard drive that presently has FAT32 file system and you like to modify it to NTFS , since FAT32 does not support handling big files ( over 4GB ) or it is simply old for your style but there is only one trouble , you do not like to miss your saved information .

 This post is made for you then as it describes exactly how one can get smooth transition from FAT to NTFS without relating to any computer data damage.

While it is usually suggested to work with the NTFS file system due to its security , safety and lower defragmentation period , most people end up working with FAT32 because that really most of the disks are preformatted with . Unless, we observe the “Not adequate hard disk space error” despite hard drive space being available, we do not care to adjust the file system. At the same time, many people do not change it because of the danger of losing crucial computer data and shortage of time (read laziness). As Microsoft was aware about this situation, they added a capability in the command prompt to get rid of this by executing a simple command. There is lot computer software that support this too but the Convert command is among the best ways to do this. Follow the tips below to know how:-

Important: While this process functions nicely, I would still inform you to backup your records in the event anything fails.
FAT 32 to NTFS Switch Procedures
1) Go to Computer, and notice the name of the drive whose file system you intend to change.
2) Click on Start.
3) Type cmd in the search bar if you use windows 7, windows 8, windows 8 .1 or windows Vista. Make use of windows XP, click on Run and after that execute cmd.

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