Tuesday, 20 October 2015

How to increase Pendrive File download Speed

USB Data copy download means the amount of data transported through the usb in a second; the amount always is calculated by KB, MB or GB for blazing fast usb. There are 3 types of USB ports, USB 1 .0 (older and very slower), USB 2 .0 (used almost on all PCs) and USB 3 .0 (the newer and fastest one, can reach 1GB per second)

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Why the USB copy Speed Matters?
When copying a folder to your pendrive , that file has a size and the pendrive has a download speed, you'll be waiting for the document to complete transferring since the folder file size is very big or the data *move is very slower , here two examples :

Example 1:
If the file is sized 2GB
And the Pendrive speed is 5 megabytes per second (the normal rate of speed on almost all the USB flash drives)
Here's a small calculation about the duration of the download:
2 GB x 1024 = 2048 megabytes
2048 / 5 MB = 409, 6 Seconds
You'll be waiting around 6 Minutes and 49 Seconds for this particular download.

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Example 2:
If the folder and files is sized 2GB
And the Pendrive speed rate is 30 MB per second (an improved speed)
You'll be waiting Only 1 Minute and 8 Seconds

A difference of 3 minutes or extra can happen if your pendrive is so slow carrying documents. Here's a smart trick to increase the speed rate of copy thus decreasing the waiting time.

How to increase Pendrive Data download speed rate

1) Go to the Pendrive and Right Click then Format . . .
2) Change the file system to NTFS as it supports larger file copying
3) Uncheck Quick Format then press Start

4) Now again go to the Pendrive, Right Click -> Properties
5) Go to Hardware tab, select the Pendrive from the hardware list then click Properties
6) Check the radio button Better Performance then click OK.

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