Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Top 10 Firefox Addons Bloggers Must Use

There are a bunch of add-ons in Mozilla Firefox from which we gathered a list of top 10 Mozilla Firefox addons that every bloggers and webmasters should use to increase the rank and traffic of the website.

 1. SeoQuake SEO Extension

SeoQuake is one of the best and most famous Firefox add-on that allows you to analyze the Google Page Rank, Google Index, Alexa Rank

2. FireBug

FireBug is also another useful add-on for Mozilla Firefox which allows you to edit the CSS, Javascript and HTML right within your browser and it also shows you live results instantly.

3. SEO Toolbar By Moz

SEO Toolbar By Moz is another Firefox add-on which is useful for bloggers and webmasters. This SEO Toolbar allows you to check Domain Authority, Page Authority, Rank, Internal Links and some other SEO related things of any website
4. Ghostery
There are thousands of online tools and plugins which allows users to track information about any given website.

5. Web Developer

Web Developer is one of the most helpful and useful Firefox plugin especially for bloggers and webmasters. It has a bunch of useful features which helps you to analyze and optimize web pages.

6. SEO Doctor

SEO Doctor is another great add-on for Mozilla Firefox. SEO Doctor allows you to easily diagnose SEO and it also lets you find problems in your website or blog. It also helps you to number of visits, external links and backlinks of the domain.

7. SenSEO

SenSEO is also known as Sensational SEO is another very famous Firefox add-on for bloggers and webmasters. SenSEO allows you to check all the important SEO components of any website.

8. Flagfox

Flagfox is an add-on for Mozilla Firefox that shows the specific location of a website’s server. It not only does that but it also has many other useful features

9- Zemanta

Zemanta is another awesome add-on which blogger may use. When you write on your blog then Zemanta will keep on recommending tags, images and links to include in your post.

10- KGen

KGen is add-on which you can use to check the keyword density of your post. Keyword density is frequently occurrence of your keyword in a post.
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