Tuesday, 20 October 2015


Did you ever question yourself?
The Director/Producer have to pay the x amount to the y channel for letting their show to be broadcast in their Channel.

Moreover they even have to pay to actors & entire crew who are working for the Soap.
I am keen to know, how does these people earns money ?

Its very simple, advertisements. A part goes to the producer and the other to the channel. The serial’s success is decided by the Television Rating Points(TRP) it gains during its run time. Depending on which time slot the show airs and its popularity the Ad rates are decided.

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If  a particular Tv show has 30minutes time to be played in channel; 20 minutes is allotted for the show and 10minutes for advertisements.

Let me give you a example.
If advertiser have to pay Rs50,000/ or 1000$- per minute for ads.then for 10 minute it cost 5 lakhs rupees or 10,000$.he will give 3lakhs or 6000$ to channel and rest 2 lakhs or 4000$ to producer.
now serial comes for 5 days in a week.

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Hence total earning of producer is 2 lakhs *5 days=10 lakhs or 4000$×5=20,000$
and from this amount he distribute money to actors and others utilized in that serial rest amount he keeps for himself.

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