Saturday, 10 October 2015

Home Treatments for Pimple Marks and Black Spots

Pimples marks and black spots are something a person needs to do after getting acne and having dark areas . Pimple scars should be removed as quickly as it can be since when it is left there , it will result in the appearance of dark marks which is hard to remove of . Not only that , if you are too often being exposed under sun light without sunscreen , i can also cause to dark scars .

Thus , in this post we provide some insightful home solutions for acne marks and dark places for you who have this problem . Only using fruits and vegetables , you can remove of these problems with cheap and safe method .

Home Treatments for Acne Bruises and Dark Spots

First of all , home remedies for spots scars and dark scars use lemon or lime . Despite their slight differences , these two fruits contain almost the same minerals substances and vitamins . However , lime includes richer vitamin C than lemon . You can use either lemon or lime for how to eliminate of acne marks and dark marks . The usage is easy ; just rub the juice on the infected section every night time before going to bed .


 In the morning , wash the face with warm water . Second , tomato can also be applied since tomato is rich vitamin C as well . Tomato cannot only remove dark locations and pimples scars but also brighten the skin . You can use it by making it as a mask . Other method is to cut the tomato into slices and wipe it on the spot every nighttime . Next home medicine for acne marks and dark spots use cucumber . Grate one or two pieces of cucumber and then use it as pimples marks and dark places cream every two days . Do it regularly and your face problems will disappear in short time .


how to eliminate of acne marks and dark spots

Aloe vera is also helpful for home therapies for acne marks and dark spots . Aloe vera is proven not only beneficial for hair care but also acne scars and dark areas remover . All you have to do is rubbing the flesh of aloe vera on the section every day . Another home treatment for pimple scars and dark spots comprise of watermelon . Not only juicy and sweet , watermelon helps eliminating of acne marks and dark spots . You just need to use fresh watermelon as skin mask by crushing the watermelon by hand and then apply it on face for 20 mins and rinse with fresh water

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