Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Benefits Of Internet For A Business Opportunity

Every blog that I wake up, definitely make money I get from bebeberapa program. Income my blog each is different, there is make bite the fingers there is also what makes eyed hehehe. Ok, here are some ways to make money from blogs that I woke up.

1. Commissions From Affiliate Marketing
Join in an affiliate program is one way to make money from blogs. It should be noted that our affiliate program should follow in accordance with the blog topic that we are building. For example a blog topic is about internet marketing, the affiliate program that we follow have to deal with this niche.
My experience when building a blog for affiliate programs, I first determine which products will I sell, I recently started a blog. For example, when I build a blog to promote products from, I did some research beforehand. What products will be promoted, any keywords that can menunjung SEO, and how to build content.
That we must consider is the content in the blog that we build must have a value and useful to the audience. The better your content, chances are greater the higher the sales conversion of the blog. From the Amazon affiliate program, I can get hundreds to thousands of dollars. If I can, you certainly can.

2. Offer Advertising space in Blog
A blog which has high traffic  potential success getting advertisers. My experience, independent ad space on my blog for rent at a cost of Rp 500 thousand - Rp 1.5 million for each ad spots every month, I think it was passable.
That must be considered is the product or website that we're advertising must be tailored to the topics of the website / blog that we wake up. For example about the topic of your website or internet marketing business opportunity, then the types of ads that you can receive is a product or a website related to the niche.
Should we NOT accept ads that promote products or websites that are completely unrelated to the niche of our website as this will confuse your audience and conversions are usually ugly. For example your website on internet marketing, then you have advertising from advertisers that promote hair growth.
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3. Marketing Services or Your Own Products
This means that you have a business that wants to offer to your audience. I often find blogs that are made in a creative way, in the blog is the blogger writes about his daily activities, his hobbies, and his expertise in a particular field. Blogs like this we often find ya.
Well, the owner of the blog is to sell products, hobbies, or services, to the readers of his blog. So, besides getting friends blogger on the internet, she also gets revenue by selling expertise or products on the blog. Very creative.
One example is the blog of my friend from Germany in Nella. If we pay attention to his blog in passing, maybe we just read the articles only. However, in the blog also offers Nella / sell flower seeds to friends bloggers in Indonesia. Planting flowers is his hobby, and his article discusses many of the flowers, and he used his blog to sell flower seeds. Creative yes.

4. Write Articles About Business / Website Others
This activity is usually referred to Paid for Review. There are many companies who want to know that their business is reviewed on other people's blogs. Usually these companies are willing to pay quite expensive for a review article. Based on my experience, the article reviews normally be paid Rp 300ribu - Rp 500 thousand, depending on the negotiations.
However, it is not easy to get the Advertiser is willing to pay for a review article. I do not know the experience of friends, but from my experience the Advertiserlah always contact me to email and asked for a review article about their business.
If you do not want to bother contacting potential advertisers, no one tried to register as a publisher in IdBlogNetwork. Some bloggers I know often get a job writing a review article of IdBlogNetwork, and usually the advertiser is willing to pay top dollar for a article from their publisher.
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5. Sell Your Blog
This is the last way that maybe we can choose to make money from blogs. It must be very hard to sell a blog that we have built with great difficulty, but if indeed you have no time or were not able memantain the blog, you can choose this option.
Sell ​​blog would be difficult if we do not know how or do not have a network of friends who can help sell your blog / website. My experience, contact a broker or mediator would be helpful to find a potential buyer candidates. Two of website / blog belongs Amazon affiliate I've sold each $ 1,000 with the help of a broker. Most of the money from the sale of the website I use for capital build another business.

6. Become a Google Adsense Publisher
Google Adsense is one of the most popular PPC program and most widely followed by publishers around the world, including in Indonesia. To be a publisher and earn money and earn money from Google Adsense, we should have a website / blog that has a large enough traffic. Publisher revenue obtained from valid clicks on the Adsense ads on the website / blog, but do not even think to click on your own ads because it is banned by the Google Adsense.

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